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Wednesday. 11.28.07 1:46 am
Okok...these few days have been reli reli crazy...i've been cramping math down my brains and i dunno how much they can hold...my brains will ooze out i'm afraid...hahahaha....anyways,i've got a youth camp coming up and wheeeee,i wanna go oh!!!

Hols have not been easy for me cuz i'm a lazy bum who can't seem to be disciplined.I study for awhile then i cabut d,haha....but then i'll try to finish my syllabus as fast and effectively as i can...wish me luck.


P/S: I have my emotions back d,cuz i ditched d stupid idea that i got from a cartoon called fairly odd parents,you know?Hahahahah....

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Choosing to be...eomotionless
Monday. 11.26.07 8:09 am
I've been doing some thinking today... why do we have to have so many emotions? Sometimes i feel emotions suck. They make you scared, they make you too kind, they make you too kind... they are just so stupid. So... I've got to a conclusion, why not be emotionless? Just don't care to smile or to cry or to be mad, just be emotionless, let everything be as it is. I hate emotions, really, the more.

S o what am i gonna do about it?...well, i think i'll give being emotionless a try, better than being emo rite? Haha. Cheers.


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What title to put?Later kena scolding pulak...
Sunday. 11.25.07 3:35 am
Yesterday i went to little brother's kindergarden concert.It was so boring i really wanted to go on stage to slap the host,cuz he was trying to hard to be one.He was a total maniac and a loser at the whole hosting thing.Guess he must be a calafeh...so cheh one,haha.

Today i befriended a new gal,name's ee rin. Haha,i got a new haircut too.haha.haha.haha.haha.haha.

Hols are for studies now.Woof.haha.haha.haha.

Crazy on the go...haha.


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So fed up
Tuesday. 11.20.07 11:47 pm
Jz back from Cameron Highlands.I'm sick already,woof.Haha...haiz.

Caught a cold...sneezing at this moment. HAha....well,hols at Cameron was typical la,cold,comfy,feezing,is what i can explain about my hols there.

Now,i'm very fed up with my bratty sister who gets everything she wants.She threathens me in everything,stupid stupid younger sister,ahhhhhh!!!Hate her so much sometimes.

This moring was the most horrible,ahhh!!!!Hate her so much!!!Snatching evrything from me!!!

Well,lately i've created a series of new characters,named EmoCreepsies,haha,weird rite?I'l put them up soon.

For the mean time,i'm emo.

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Hols,here i come!!!
Friday. 11.16.07 10:54 am
Finally hols are here,good to be chillin' out,i'm off the clock,the pressure's off,and my fun's what's it's all about!!!Hahahaha....adaptation of HSM 2 songs...hahahaha...hols are finally here,so i'm off!!!Well,hols are for studying too!!!hahaha...gonna study study study till i drop and then i wanna beat 'em all in school next year!!!Maybe in a new school.Heh.Cheers y'all.

Updates soon.


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Tuesday. 11.13.07 10:57 am
I'm very very tired. This week in school has been a total bore. I couldn't enjoy a good nap at all, cuz it was too noisy. My class room was like a replica of the Genting Highlands gambling arena, always gambling. My classmates gambled, but never got caught. I don't gamble, so i was bored. I finished a book called " See Jane Die " today, it was a good book anyway. I'll review it later,haha. But i really want to see myself die, cuz I have issues.(with studies, not with anyone,Xboyz!!) Mua haha...

Hols are one day away for me, thanks to SPM. Haha, next year is my turn. How am i supposed to die,i dunno. Haha...all i know is,to never give up and,KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

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